Turn Key Solutions

Let's face it the last thing you want to deal with is 100 questions from friends, family of fellow office workers about the group cruise you are booking, that is why we are hear!

Over the years we have been booking groups from as little as 10 people to over 600 guests! We handle all the bookings, payments, coordinate all the ship board activities, private functions, cocktail hours, group excursions even if you want shirts and lanyards made, we design and produce them  and a large assortment of give away's for your group, and make sure they get distributed. 

We have our own EZ PAY system in place to take payments so your guests can pay off the cruises over time, We offer incentives for group leaders when available.

With our almost 12 years experience, and our ability to contact event coordinators, ship group leaders and a direct connection to the main offices of all cruise lines, we will take any guess work out of a successful cruise for you and your group!

Contact us today about your group cruise and how we can make it smooth sailing for you!  Contact Us Here!