About Us


The Start

Debby and I started cruising many years back when the kids were younger and living in Central Florida has so many advantages and one of them was being close to the main cruise ports! We enjoyed over 98 plus cruises (so far) and were getting lots of questions about cruising from friends and neighbors about what the best ship was, nicest place, best food and so on. It was a natural progression to get involved in the cruise industry as agents. We did lots of research and found out a few things.


Let's Cruise!

 What we did was look at the best, largest agency with the most support we could find and after weeding out several companies we chose Cruise Brothers. This is a nationwide family business that has been around since 1972 - over 41 years! We are very happy with the support staff and they answer every question, unlike several other agencies that wanted us to fill out forms for questions. Whenever we call a real person answers the phone and we know this is the agency for us! Customer support is very important to us! With their 41 years of experience behind us, we ventured into one of the most enjoyable businesses we have ever encountered, the business of making people have a vacation of a lifetime! 


There is no stopping us now!

We break the 100 cruises mark in 2020 for us! We really feel what you get for the money is the best vacation on earth! We only pack and unpack once, and everything is in front of us! We can't think of any better way to spend time with friends and family!