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GROUP CRUISES - Have you ever considered getting a group of friends together for a cruise?  Getting a group cruise together adds so much to the cruise experience. We have made so many new friends with the common connection of loving to cruise over the past few years!

Groups could include a wedding party with family,  family reunionschurch groups, class reunionbirthday milestones, senior groups, coworkers, singleslocal clubs and more the list goes on and on… or just a cruise with friends!

There are so many benefits of a group cruise, you meet new people and form friendships for life! There are so many benefits to join a group, extra perks including free cocktail hours, special group events on board and discounted group planned excursions! We have had groups where we delivered wine to the dinner tables for our group every night free of charge, free tote bags and goodies including the group t-shirt, special “all access” lanyard, and so many other group extras!

Joining a group cruise also is a way to get on a sold out cruise, ask your agent if there are any group for the specific cruise if all the rooms are sold out, or the room that you want!

As always it’s what you want to do with, or without the group is totally up to you.  Join the group and hang and party with them, or go on your own, either way , just like any cruise, it’s all about what you want to do on your dream vacation!