How many times while you have been snorkeling and your mask fogs up, that puts a damper on your underwater exploring when you have to come up and clean your mask every ten minutes! With our system, it's as simple as a wipe and you are good to go on the run!

The KlearSea system is a simple and effective way to clear your snorkel mask (or skiing or paintball mask) when it fogs up without having to remove it and clearing it out - and the hassle to get the mask back on. The system used a set of Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets with a special material that makes this the perfect windshield wiper!

Enjoy your snorkeling, spend time looking, not cleaning! The anti-fog chemical we use is non toxic and permeates through the material to the glass lens, at the same time when you wipe the fog away, when you use it it will fog even less!

The KlearSea is sold in singles and pairs. Some masks have only one lens and the KlearSea can be moved all over the lens surface. The two magnets simple press against each other and hold on for a tight fit to the lens. We recommend after salt water use to rinse in tap water to keep clean and prevent any corrosion
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