Cruise Costs

The cabins available to us include Inside and Balcony rooms only. There are no Outside cabins available. There are special cabins including The Haven, Mini-Suite and Spa cabins that would have to be booked with full deposits. (Get with Debby) PLEASE NOTE: Only the first and second person booked in a cabin get the Ultimate Drink Package and additional ammenity! - With that said we highly recommend only 2 people per cabin! CLICK HERE FOR PAYMENT SCHEDULE.


Balcony Cabin

There are Mini Suites, Rooms for single Occupants, and other choices of cabins. Click here for options and get with Debby on Pricing! Again, remember only 2 people in a cabin get the drink package!

Mini Suite Pictured Below

Studio Cabin


About SERVICE CHARGE added to cabin: Passengers staying in any cabin up to and including a minisuite will be charged $13.99 per person, per day; ($55.96 per person) suite passengers will be charged $16.99 per person, per day. This will be automatically charged on their seapass account at completion of cruise.

This is our fourth year with our EZ-PAY system!*

In an effort to make paying off the cruise so much easier, we have the ability to take credit card or Facebook Messenger payments on a scheduled basis set up by you and Debby. It could be a weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or whatever schedule fits your needs. (as long as it is paid in full by final payment) Please make sure you meet the payment schedule above.

Please get with Debby and set this up to make payments a breeze, and pay off your cruise without worry! (e-mail debby here:

*Please note if you have used EZ pay in the past and had issues with payments on the set dates, we reserve the right to decline you the use of the EZ Pay payment plan.

Cancellation Policy:
100% - Refund
The Haven Garden Villas and Suites - 120 days prior to sailing.
All other cabins 98 days prior to sailing.

75-98 Days Prior to sailing:
Room Deposit ($100 pp)

30-75 Days Prior to sailing:
50% of payments made.

15-30 Days Prior to sailing:
75% of Payments made.

15 Days or less:
100% of cruise payment

LEGAL: Sailing on this cruise is based on number of rooms booked. For any reason if the amount of bookings does not support the sailing costs, we have the right to cancel the cruise at any time with all money refunded in full. Cruise insurance is not refundable and additional if desired. Talent, while committed to this event can be substituted at any time. We are not responsible for any talent substitution for this cruise. Prices of the cruise include cabin, all included meals, taxes and port charges. Gratuities, parking or transportation to and from the port are extra. Like any cruise, you are responsible for any charges occurred on your set sail account and are bound by the rules and regulations of the cruise line in your booking agreement . Ahoy-Cruises, AMT (Tom & Dan) and any members are not responsible for any additional charges, changes in schedule, port changes and any ship board charges or activities. Only people booking through Ahoy-Cruises in the group will be allowed into any function of this cruise. Booking outside the group will not be tolerated; any guilty party will be ejected from such venue. All refunds if made are based on the refund schedule set forth in the cruise agreement with Norweigian Cruise Lines and are not the responsibility of Ahoy-Cruises or AMT (Tom & Dan). All event costs are billed through three (3) companies. 1.Ahoy-Cruises (under Debby Palmiotti) and 2. Norweigian Cruise Lines and your credit card will reflect the breakdown and 3. Anywhere Inc. (Our cruise affiliate). All participants must adhere to the rules and regulations of Norweigian Cruise Lines while on the cruise. Any ejection from the cruise is the sole responsibility of the individual. If there is a problem with your room or booking, please contact Ahoy Cruises at 407-733-2383. The AMT, A Mediocre Time, Tom&Dan and Ahoy-Cruises logos are the property of the respected company. No other use is permitted without written permission.

$467.91 each /